Monday, February 1, 2010

IM Report Card!

IM Report Card is the only Internet marketing community that's updated daily with new and unbiased reviews of popular Internet marketing products, services and people.

Get the real scoop before you buy, grade products you're familiar with, report scams, add comments and share your experiences, and get paid just for participating.

How ImReportCard Works!
Once you create your free account, you'll begin earning "IMRC Credits" for almost everything you do. We reward you just for participating in our community!

And if you're like most people you've probably already bought or have experience with dozens of the products, services, people and/or biz-opps already reviewed on the site.

If you grade and comment on them you could easily earn some cash right now.

Here are all the ways you can currently earn IMRC Credits ...

Rate a Review or another users' comment 1 Credit
Grade a Product, Service, Person or Biz-Opp 10 Credits
Add your own comment to any review 50/100/150 Credits + *Bonus*
Suggest a new product, service, etc. for review 100 Credits
Complete A TrialPay offer 500-1000 Credits

Total Earnings-28,526 Credits =$285.26 Payments are sent via paypal when make at least $20! It takes about 24hrs to receive payment

Proof Of Payment!

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